+ Journaling Benefits

Journaling Benefits for Kids to Expand Emotional Intelligence

Journaling Benefits

The journaling benefits we’ve discovered may come as a surprise to you. According to one article by the Huffington Post it can stretch your IQ, increase your emotional intelligence, and even strengthen self-discipline. One journaling benefit we at I Matter Too will also add to this list is organizing goals for accomplishment. Journaling is a great way for you to track (and celebrate) progress in your relationship with your I Matter Too child as well as a great practice to share with them.

Previously thought of singularly as a ‘dear diary’ activity cataloging your day, journaling has expanded to take on many shapes and sizes. Find the right option for you and for your child (which you may find are two different styles):

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+ Woman engaging kids through conversation

Engaging Kids Through Meaningful Conversation

Starting and maintaining conversations with our kids can be tough. None of us as mentors want to receive one-word answers or ‘I don’t knows’ while engaging kids in conversation. This can be especially challenging while getting to know your mentee and they’re growing comfortable with you.

How do we draw our kids into meaningful conversation and keep them engaged? As it turns out, parents everywhere are asking this exact question.  The May issue of Real Simple magazine offered up ‘5 Ways to Make Conversation with Kids’. I read through it with I Matter Too kids in mind and found that many of the ideas applied equally to our roles as mentors.

Here are the ideas they listed in the article but with my adapted explanation for how to use these suggestions with I Matter Too.

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