Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions
Donations Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes.  Your gift is tax deductible.

How do I cancel my monthly donation if I can no longer sponsor a child or give monthly?
It’s easy. To cancel a Child Sponsorship, please contact us. Monthly or other regular donations must be canceled by you, through our processor, FirstGiving. You can call 877-365-2949 or email Information can also be found on your emailed receipts from FirstGiving.

Where does my money go when I sponsor a child?  
I Matter Too runs with exceptional efficiency in how your dollars are managed. There are no large executive salaries, office spaces or other administrative costs that would take away from dollars going to children. On average 88-95% of every dollar goes directly to fund costs such as, but not limited to, child and mentor training and recruitment, supplies, books, activities, and other ministry related events or resources to further the mission.

How can I financially partner?
There are several ways to give. Click here.

Volunteering Questions

What is the age requirement?
Volunteers must be 16 years old and up. Mentors must be 18 yrs old or older.  _

What are other requirements to mentor a child?
Volunteers are required to pass a national and state background check. All volunteers are interviewed, attend a 6 hour orientation and ongoing training. If driving, a valid drivers license and current proof of automobile insurance is required.

How often do I mentor my mentee?
I Matter Too asks for a minimum of 1 hour per week. You are not limited to one hour if all involved would like to do additional.

Am I allowed to drive the child I mentor?
Yes. I Matter Too requires authorization in writing from legal guardian, and a copy of your valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance to transport students. Volunteers are not required to drive their child. They are expected to travel to their mentee for visits and encouraged to transport them.

Where do I mentor/tutor?
Transportation can be an issue for some foster families. For convenience and to ensure consistency, we travel to our children. You can meet in restaurants, libraries, churches, community centers and other public locations.

What types of activities can I do with my mentee?
There are limitless activities, including sporting events, group or church approved outings, having meals at a restaurant and other fun public activities you can do together.

How long do I mentor my child for?
I Matter Too asks for a minimum commitment of 3 months. Goals are set per quarter. Average time a child is mentored is typically 9 months to a year. The minimum is 3 months and some mentor for years.

General/Other Questions

How much does it cost to refer a child?
Mentoring and tutoring does not cost anything for the child or referring partner. I Matter Too is solely funded through the loving gifts of faithful supporters.

Is I Matter Too Christian and faith based?
Yes. Our founding and core beliefs are based on biblical truths. We believe without Jesus as our center, we have nothing to offer. But with God, all things are made possible. Our faith drives and determines our results.

Who may refer a child?
Caremanagers, guardians, teachers, foster parents and anyone may refer children to I Matter Too. Qualifications for accepting children are reviewed and approved by our matching team.