Journaling Benefits for Kids to Expand Emotional Intelligence

Journaling Benefits

Journaling Benefits

The journaling benefits we’ve discovered may come as a surprise to you. According to one article by the Huffington Post it can stretch your IQ, increase your emotional intelligence, and even strengthen self-discipline. One journaling benefit we at I Matter Too will also add to this list is organizing goals for accomplishment. Journaling is a great way for you to track (and celebrate) progress in your relationship with your I Matter Too child as well as a great practice to share with them.

Previously thought of singularly as a ‘dear diary’ activity cataloging your day, journaling has expanded to take on many shapes and sizes. Find the right option for you and for your child (which you may find are two different styles):

Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling is essentially a way to master tasks. This is not the best solution for your IMT child if they are young as it doesn’t lend itself to creativity but you may find it’s right for you in managing your plans for mentoring! You could use categories such as: Biblical, Educational, and Outings. Under each you would list upcoming items to help you plan successful time with your IMT child. Under biblical you might plan what you will teach, share, or read with your child in the coming meetings. Educational may include tests you’re helping them prepare for or deadlines you’re helping them meet.  Outings may be museum visits or trips to the zoo.

This is a great style for type-A personalities who love to check off tasks! As mentioned, it’s not ‘exciting’ for most kids but may appeal to you. It would be a wonderful way to plan for achieving your quarterly goals. If your child is struggling to keep up in school and is over ten years of age this could work for helping keep them on task  and accomplish what needs to be done within a time frame.

Scripture Journaling

This is a fun, creative way to engage your child (and yourself) in a spiritual way! This can be done on your own, using a bible and notebook or there are also amazing new resources for adults and children for scripture journaling. If you’re IMT child is young, they have coloring book versions like this.

Pages can be printed out for free using Pinterest or acquired on Amazon (heres one) in a coloring book!

Lifeway and other Christian resources sell bibles that are especially designed to allow for bible journaling.  These can be a little more expensive but if you or your IMT child are creative and grow through expressing your new knowledge of scripture in art this is a great option!

Morning Pages

Morning Pages are a growing phenomenon in the journaling world especially amongst young professionals. This is a commitment to writing every single morning before you start your day. You write about the day to come, the attitude you’ll take towards certain meetings, activities or in the case of a child perhaps school. Then at the end of your writing, you make a to do list which will serve as your guide to accomplishing your top priorities for that day.

If you’re looking to adopt journaling in your daily life, this is a great option. It helps you focus and be intentional about how you will honor the Lord in your daily life as well as choose and complete your top list of tasks.  The key to the success of this system is consistency!

Is your child having emotional, attitudinal, or academic problems? Morning pages is a great way to address all three!  It helps sort through those emotions or attitudes while determining how they will behave each day.  It will also focus them on accomplishing priorities that will allow them to stay caught up in the classroom.

If you’re going to encourage your IMT child to enjoying the journaling benefits provided here, you should try it too! Often as Christians that we have a hard time calling to mind examples of prayers the Lord has answered. Once you consistently journal you’ll be able read back on how the Lord has moved in your life and the life of your IMT child through your relationship with them!  As you discover the journaling benefits unique to you and your IMT child, please share them with us on our website or in the comments below.