Quiet Time Beginners Guide

Our mentors and volunteers help I Matter Too children reach various goals and accomplish incredible milestones every quarter.  The ultimate goal, though, is that each child know and grow in a relationship with Christ Jesus.  To accomplish this we must share the gospel boldly, and equip our children with the tools needed to continue that growth on their own.  This requires us to teach them the fundamentals, the most foundational of which is a quiet time.

What IS a Quiet Time?

Quiet times are as vastly different as the people who have them.  Help your child find the best way(s) to spend time with Jesus, alone.  There’s no perfect formula.  If they love music, recommend listening to, singing along, or playing worship songs on an instrument.  Many Christian’s feel closest to God when they are worshiping through music.  Encourage them to spend time reading scripture in the bibles we provide them.  Highlighting verses that jump out at them and writing the date next to them is a great way to begin personalizing their bible.

Prayer.  We know that each child at I Matter Too is in the middle of a difficult time so prayer is crucial.  The word says in Philippians 4 to pray about everything.  Let’s not take for granted that your child may not have grown up praying.  Pray aloud with them when you’re together so that they begin to understand they can simply have a conversation with God.  As they grow use to it, begin asking them to pray at the start or end of your time together so they grow more comfortable.  Additional ideas are to have a prayer or scripture journal and to try to memorize one verse a week.

How to Begin

Start with 10 minutes per day.  The idea is to build the spiritual discipline of giving the Lord time every single day. Begin simply.  People often quit before they’ve established a habit because they try to jump from 0 to 60.  If you’ve never had a quiet time, don’t try to start with 2 hours of bible reading.  Ten minutes is a great starting point, especially for children and the time will build as they mature.

Additional Resources

Whether your child quickly latches onto quiet times or convincing them takes a concerted effort, be creative!  We always want our children to be in the word but perhaps adding a devotional book that helps them understand scripture would make it more real to them.  If your child is young, a bible scripture coloring book might be a great way place to begin.  Perhaps the child you mentor can’t read yet, that’s ok too.  Teaching them worship songs and how to pray builds a solid foundation and you can read to them when you’re together.

If you’re a volunteer or a visitor here and you’re not having regular quiet time with Jesus yourself, these suggestions also apply to you.  It’s easy to get busy with other tasks and not carve out this daily time.  It has to be a top priority to get done with regularity.  Commit to spending the first part of your day with Jesus, being a role model to your I Matter Too child, your family, and your sphere of influence.


‘I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word’ – Psalm 119:16

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