Sponsor a Child in America

We average $1,200-$1,500 per year per child in costs. This can vary, but general costs include recruitment and training for their mentor, books, supplies, and activities. Every child receives a name engraved Bible. Each child has very specific needs and we customize to meet those. Costs vary.

Here’s why you should sign up today to sponsor a child: There is a child right now on our waiting list in need of a financial sponsor so they can be matched with a mentor. Did you know thousands of children in the cities we operate in have a need for an I Matter Too® mentor that don’t yet have one? You can give the gift of a match and ongoing support and resources for them. When you sponsor, not only will you assist one child, but the outcomes also change their children’s future, and their children’s children and on and on. Your one act of kindness just reached hundreds of lives. Sponsoring an I Matter Too® child is an incredibly responsible and life giving way to steward your God given dollars.

Here’s how to get started today: Choose your sponsorship level. Sample costs are listed below:

Bible – $48
Books/Supplies – $175
Activities – reimbursed up to $40/month
Recruitment for mentor – $125
Mentor start up training – $100
Gifts for birthday/Christmas – $75

$40 per month assists to provide activities, books, gifts and/or supplies for a child and mentor each month. $125 per month or roughly $1,500 per year is an example for a full sponsorship including training for mentors.

After you become a sponsor, you will receive acknowledgment and a letter from the mentor and child you sponsor.  Please note that we are unable to send out pictures of faces or real names of children (confidential by law). You are welcome to write letters of encouragement and receive correspondence from them. All mail should be sent to our contact address.


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Need to cancel sponsorship? No worries at all. Just cancel and, rest assured, your child will receive continued mentoring as other sponsors are in our pool of giving. Shared pools of giving and funding is a win/win for all.